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Logo Golf Balls


Personalized and Logo Golf Balls

- Personalized or Logo Golf Balls make Great Gifts -
for Special Clients, or for Advertising your brand at
a Golf Outing or Fundraiser.

We offer Balls from Manufacturers like Callaway, Hogan, Titleist, Wilson, Bridgestone, Srixon and Pinnacle.
  We also offer Inexpensive Generic Plain White Golf Balls, and Colored Golf Balls in 13 Different Colors!
Quick 5-7 Day Turnaround Time with Rush Service Available.

Low Minumum Orders for Selected Brands,
with Stock Golf Ball Packaging also available.

5 Working Day Turnaround, 3 Dozen Minimum Order

Blank Generic Logo Golf Balls Colored Logo Golf Balls Callaway Warbird Logo Golf Balls
Callaway Chrome Soft Logo Golf Balls
Callaway Chrome Soft X Logo Golf Balls
Plain White Ball   Colored
Golf Balls
Warbird 2.0

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 Chrome Soft

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Chrome Soft X

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Hogan Diamond Pink Ladies  Titleist Pro V1x Dozen Box with Logo Golf Ball Titleist Pro V1 Dozen Box with Logo Golf Ball Snell My Tour Box of Logo Golf Balls  Snell Get Sum Box of Logo Golf Balls 
Hogan Diamond
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Pro V1x

(Minimum Order 12 Dozen)
Titleist Pro V1
(Minimum Order 12 Dozen)
My Tour Ball 

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Get Sum
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Photo Golf Ball  Plain White Golf Ball   Wedding Golf Balls Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Cheap Overrun Golf Balls 
Golf Balls
Non - Printed
Golf Balls
Golf Balls
 Printing on Your
Golf Balls
Overrun Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Personalized Golf Balls  Hogan Diamond Pink Ladies Golf Ball
- 1 Dozen -
Callaway Chrome Soft

+ 100 Tees
- 1 Dozen -
Callaway Chrome Soft X
+ 100 Tees
- 1 Dozen -
Callaway Warbird 2.0
+ 100 Tees
- 1 Dozen -
 Hogan Diamond
+ 100 Tees.
- 1 Dozen -
Snell My Tour

+ 100 Tees.

1 Dozen Personalized Golf Ball Packs are great for small Gift Giving and make Great Golf Christmas Gifts.
The Tees and Balls are all Personalized with your Favorite Golfer's Name.

Golf Ball Sleeves Golf Perscription Bottle Golf Ball and Tee Pack
Stock Golf Ball
Boxes & Sleeves
Clear Sleeves
& Boxes

PAR- Scription
Golf Set

Golf Ball
 Pillow Pack
Golf Kit

Here are some of the Logo Golf Ball Sets we Offer
They are Great for Golf Tourmanent & Golf Course Gifts, and Clearly Display your Advertising Message or Company Logo.

5-7 Working Day Turnaround, 12 Dozen Minimum Order

Turnaround time varies according to manufacturer, and time of year.  Most manufacturers are 7 working days,
sometimes a little longer from April to September.  Please call 800-572-4824 to confirm turnaround times.
- Please click on Logo to view that Manufacturer's Line -

Logo Golf Balls 
- Blank & Colored Balls
- Callaway Warbird 2.0
  & Chrome Soft, Snell

Srixon   Wilson
5 Working Days 10-12 Working Days 7 Working Days 5-7 Working Days 14-16 Working Days 10-12 Working Days
Ships From: IL Ships From: TX Ships From: MA Ships From: CA Ships From: GA Ships From: AL

**Please Note Location of Factory.  Shipping Time may vary due to shipment orgin.

 Titleist Pro V1 Callaway Chrome Soft Callaway Super Hot 70
15 Ball Pack
Callaway Solaire
Callaway Super Soft
Chrome Soft
Chrome Soft X
Super Hot 70
 Super Soft

 Callaway Warbird Callaway Warbird Yellow  Callaway Warbird Logo Golf Balls
Bridgestone B330
Bridgestone B330 RXS
 Warbird (Yellow)
 Warbird 2.0
 B330 RXS

Bridgestone E6 Speed  Bridgestone E6 Speed Yellow Bridgestone E6 Soft  Bridgestone E6 Soft Yellow  Precept Power Drive
 E6 Speed 
E6 Speed (Yellow)
 E6 Soft
 E6 Soft (Yellow)
Power Drive

Bridgestone B330S Bridgestone B330 RX  
 B330 RX
 Extra Soft
 Extra Soft

 Extra Soft


Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls in Dozen Box with Custom Logo Pinnacle Soft Logo Golf Balls in Dozen Box Bridgestone Bridgestone Lady Yellow Bridgestone Lady Pink
Lady (Yellow) 
Lady (Pink) 

Snell My Tour Box of Logo Golf Balls 
Hogan Diamond Pink Ladies
Titleist Velocity Dozen Ball Pack with Logo Golf Ball
My Tour Ball 

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Get Sum
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Hogan Diamond Titleist
DT Tru Soft


Pro V1
Pro V1x
NXT Tour
NXT Tour S
NXT Tour S

Titleist Pro V1 Tin  Titleist Pro V1 2 Ball Pack Titleist Presentation Box
Titleist Appreciation Box
Pro V1 Tin
Titleist 2
Marker Pack
Titleist Presentation Box Titleist Appreciation Box

Golf Ball and Tee Tubes Wilson 3 Ball Tin Wilson Duo  Wilson Duo Urethane  Wilson Duo Spin 
Golf Ball
& Tee Tubes
3 Ball Tin
Wilson Duo Wilson Duo Urethane Wilson
 Duo Spin

Wilson True Distance Wilson Profile V Max  Wilson Ultra  Wilson Eco Core 
Wilson Staff
True Distance
Wilson Profile
V Max
Wilson Ultra  Wilson
 Eco Core

Wilson Staff 50 Wilson Staff 50 Pink Wilson Staff 50 Yellow  Wilson Staff 50 Orange Srixon Marathon
Wilson Staff 50 (White) Wilson Staff 50 (Pink) Wilson Staff 50 (Yellow) Wilson Staff 50 (Orange) Srixon

Srixon Q Star Tour Srixon Z Star Srixon Z Star
Soft Feel
Srixon Soft
 Feel Lady

Photo Golf Ball Golf Ball Sleeves   Golf Ball Box Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Golf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf BallGolf Ball
Photo Golf Balls Clear Sleeves & Boxes Stock
Golf Ball

Boxes & Sleeves
2 Ball
Golf Ball Box
Printing on your
Golf Balls

Handing out Logo Golf Balls to your business associates and golf tournament participants really highlights your logo, giving a lasting impression of your advertising message. 
You can give them out by the dozen box, a sleeve of 3 or individually.  There's different packaging available for your distribution needs.  Either way, they are sure to be a hit on the golf course as your logo is professionally printed up to 5 colors.

Par Golf Supply offers Custom Logo Golf Balls from every main manufacturer including: Titleist, Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Srixon, Wilson, Pinnacle and Precept. The logo is professionally printed regardless of brand you choose.

For Special Themes, we have Colored Golf Balls in Blue, Red, Black, Burgundy, Green, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Neon Orange, Golf, Silver Pink or Light Blue.

If They're Printed Here: If They're Printed at the Factory:
  • Ships 5 working days after order is placed.

  • 3 Day Rush Production Available

  • Placement of Print: On North Pole

  • Printed at our factory in IL
    using State of the art Equipment

  • Limited Brands Available

  • Ship dates can be Guaranteed

  • Minimum Order of 3 Dozen

  • Production times vary from 7 to10 working days

  • 3 Day Rush Available

  • Placement of Print: On Equator

  • Printed at Ball Manufacturers facilities
    using State of the art Equipment

  • All Brands Available

  • Ship dates cannot be guaranteed

  • Minimum Order of 12 Dozen

 IMPRINT AREA: Factory Orders:  3/4" Diameter is Standard Imprint Size. 
                         7/8" Logo Size is available upon request.
 ARTWORK:  Black & White Clean Logo File Required, Otherwise $25 artwork charge will apply. 
Free email proof upon request, limit 1.  For 2 or more, $5.00 each.
Artwork cannot be sent via FAX.
  Please, no Photocopies.

More Information on Artwork specifics
IMPRINT: PMS colors (Coated "c" numbers only!) are requested for color Accuracy. 
There is no charge to match PMS colors for orders over 12 dozen.
For orders under 12 dozen, a $20 PMS charge will apply.

Light colors are not suggested unless they are outlined or used as fill of a dark color. 
Please be sure to choose darker colors so that they are visible when printed on the white golf balls.
Approximately 5-10 business days.  It also depends on the manufacturer. 
Due to our seasonal business, production schedules vary.  We suggest you
contact for accurate production times on critical ship dates. 
**** Any changes or delays in artwork approval will result in extended lead times. *****

 A RUSH is available on most products.  Please call for details. 
Shipping times are from time of receipt of camera ready artwork and payment.
SHIPPING: Ground Shipping within the US is 5.00 for any size order.
For Air Shipment, or Shipment Outside the U.S. Please call or e-mail
(if you have one) as shipping time is sometimes out of our control.

DROP SHIP: For drop shipments of 2 different locations or more, a $5.00 charge per location is applicable.
OVERRUNS: Orders of less than 24 dozen will ship in the exact amount.  Orders over 24 dozen are subject to a 5% over or under-run.  You will be billed or refunded automatically for the difference in the quantity.  Click Here to Buy Golf Ball Overruns.
PAYMENT: Company Check or credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) with order.
We also accept Paypal. More Info

Printing Your
Golf Balls

Can't find your Brand?  Already Have Golf Balls?
Ship your Golf Balls to us & we'll Print them for you! 

More Information on Custom Golf Ball Printing Service


Custom Packaging is available in sizes of:
1 ball, 2 ball, 3 ball sleeves, and in 6 ball & 12 ball boxes.
This will appear as an option on your order form.

More Information on Custom Golf Ball Packaging

Clear Sleeves

Clear Ball Sleeves are available for 1 or 3 Golf Balls. 
This will appear as an option on your order form.

More Information on Custom Golf Clear Ball Sleeves

Customizing items is an excellent way of adding value to the gifts you give. It demonstrates that you appreciate and understand the person receiving the gift. The power of personalization does not stop there though. The opportunities for creativity are far-reaching. If the person you are buying for is a golf enthusiast, then a set of custom golf balls with their name on it might be the perfect gift for any occasion, or just as a sign of appreciation.

Personalized Golf Balls can add an extra element of fun to a game that is already an enjoyable activity for friends and family to share. Not only can you order your golf balls in a wide range of attractive colors, but you can customize them with the name of the golfer. Want to say a little more than just their name? No problem -  there is plenty of room for a short message or phrase on each golf ball as well.

Motivational messages or quotes on golf balls might be useful inspiration for keen golfers and amateurs alike. A lot has been said about how fitting your clubs to your game is a great way to lower your score. The same can be said for your golf balls. Their quality affects your effectiveness, but there is certainly no harm if they look good too.


If your clients are golfers, perhaps you meet on the golf course regularly, custom logo golf balls make fantastic gifts. They can be a constant reminder of your company every time your client tees their ball up for a long drive, or places their ball on the green for a crucial putt.

If your client’s swing happens to go awry and one of your personalized golf balls ends up lost, someone will find it eventually. When they do, they will discover, or rediscover, your brand, leading to additional advertising for you.

Imagine all the people walking around with your logo in their golf bags and pockets. There is already a lot to say about the right golf ball and what it can do for your game. Personalized logo golf balls take the conversation to a new level. They are a great way to have people talking about your brand.


To make sure your design is just as you want before the balls are printed and shipped, use our pre-production proof service. We will email the final design to you for approval before the balls go out. Your completed custom golf balls will arrive safely in attractive presentation boxes with sleeves. These can also be customized to match your branding, no matter if you are pioneering scientist or a team of financial advisors. Send us your logo along with your order and we will make it work.

Alternatively, you can also get a subtle, but sophisticated two ball box set, which we present with your business card attached. It is sure to cause a lasting impression for a small price.

Gifts for friends and family

Personalized golf balls are the perfect gift for friends and family who enjoy the game. Most amateur golfers try to emulate a particular pro that they like on the PGA Tour. People like to use the same brands as the people they see on TV and admire. There are many brands that are highly respected in the golfing community, so it is not always easy to know which one is going to appeal to the person receiving this gift.

There are many golf balls to choose from, with a selection including Callaway, Ben Hogan, TaylorMade and Nike Golf, all brands used by professionals around the world. If you are unsure what your golfer likes to use on the course, you can send some of their golf balls to us. We will print your message on them and send them back. This way you will know that not only are you giving a meaningful gift, but that the golf balls are the brand they use.

Ordering your golf balls

You cannot go wrong with personalized balls for a golfer. Concentrate on the character of the person receiving the gift. Choose from our wide selection of colors, including standard and non-standard hues.

When it comes to choosing your font, Times New Roman is popular with professionals, but our range also includes Arial, which is the most readable typeface when small, and Zaph Chancery, which we recommend when you need to add class, such as when creating a set of customized golf balls to give out to wedding guests.

Add your text and we will place it at the top or bottom of the ball, or around an image if you have one. Email us any applicable artwork and we will make it look spectacular on your chosen golf balls. Let us help you to create something unique that will be a joy to use on the course.

Depending on your custom golf ball needs, you can buy anything from one dozen to 12 dozen golf balls at a time. Choose from the Blank Ball, Warbird 2.0, Hogan Medallion, Hogan Legend, and Callaway Chrome Soft or send in your own. To round off the package, choose custom packaging and we will add your image to the sleeve of the box or boxes.

Personalizing golf balls as a gift for friends, family, or clients is a great way to show your appreciation for all they do for you. Whether you are adding a company logo, a family saying, or even a fun design celebrating a holiday or special occasion, a customized golf ball will go a long way toward cementing your message into their minds. Give yourself a taste of luxury and give others a treat with a set of personalized logo golf balls today.

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Of Course We Take Credit Cards!

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